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          Baked Mussels

          Baked Mussels Happy Hour All Day Tuesdays Appetizers Orange County Cypress Sushi World OC

          One of our favorite appetizers is our baked mussels. It's so simple and oh so yummy. We take some mussels, top it with our special Japanese aioli, bake them, and then top them with some masago and green onions. They're always a great way to start a sushi session at Sushi World. Tell your neighbors! (But don't tell them about how you steal their Victoria Secret catalogs.)

          Fried Baby Crabs

          Fried Baby Crabs Perfect Snack Appetizers like Fries Sushi World Orange County OC

          We're not sure how long we'll have it, but currently on our Specials Board is Fried Baby Crabs. Yep, they're tiny and they're delicious. Just pop them in your mouth and eat them all up. It's just like eating fries, but way better. Always, always check our specials board when you come in for a visit. We love mixing things up and adding different things to the menu so there's always something new for you to try. Amaebi is still on the specials board so if you still haven't tried live sweet shrimp, you're definitely missing out.

          Best Happy Hour in the OC! $3.50 Appetizers Like Chicken Gyoza and Baked Mussels!

          Chicken Gyoza Baked Mussels Appetizers Best Happy Hour in OC Orange County Sushi World Cypress

          Come and get it! Time to get this summer work week started! What better way than to come on in and enjoy the best happy hour in all of Orange County! We have $3.50 appetizers with over 10 different items to choose from, including the pictured chicken gyoza and baked mussels! We have something for everyone on our appetizers list, especially for those who don't necessarily eat raw fish. Also enjoy our $2.50 sake and $10 Sapporo pitchers. And if you do like raw fish, we have $2.50 sushi. There you have it. No doubt the best happy hour in OC.

          Fresh Beef Tataki On Our Happy Hour Menu!

          Beef Tataki Raw Beef Fresh Orange County OC Best Happy Hour Appetizer Sushi World Cypress

          We make our beef tataki fresh in house and you can taste the difference! Not only that, but it's also on Orange County's best happy hour menu for only $3.50, along with 10 other awesome appetizers. During our happy hour, which is all day on Mondays and Tuesdays, you can also enjoy $2.50 sushi, $2.50 sake, and $10 Sapporo pitchers. You cannot find a better deal in all of Orange County. Our happy hour is also on all other days from 2pm till 5pm, even on the weekends!

          Orange County's Best Happy Hour Mondays & Tuesdays! All Day!

          Baked Mussels Appetizers Orange County OC Best Happy Hour All Day Sushi World

          Yes, we're back at it again. Happy May, everyone! And, as usual, we present to you the best happy hour deal in all of Orange County! $3.50 appetizers, $2 sushi, $2 sake, and $8 Sapporo pitchers. All the daily essentials you need, especially at the beginning of every and any work week. The pictured is an order of baked mussels. If you've never had it, you better get it. It does not contain any raw sushi, like most of our appetizers, so they're friendly for all your raw fish fearing friends. Come on in and see what all the hype's about.

          Jalapeno Poppers & Other Appetizers On the Happy Hour Menu

          Jalapeno Poppers Appetizers Cypress Orange County OC Sushi World Japanese Restaurant

          Here we go again. Another beautiful weekend in Orange County. And, of course, you need a great way to kick off that weekend. Well, Sushi World's Happy Hour is not only the best in Orange County, but it's also every day from 2pm till 5pm, even on the weekends, and it's also all day on Mondays and Tuesdays. It features a great deal of items on the menu including Jalapeno Poppers, which is only $3.50, along with 10 other appetizers. You also get $2.50 sushi, $2.50 sake, and $10 Sapporo pitchers. What a great deal. Great sushi at great prices every day of the week. Come on in!

          Garlic Edamame & Other Appetizers Only $3.5 During Happy Hour!

          Garlic Edamame Orange County Best Happy Hour Sushi World OC Cypress Appetizers

          Every year, we consistently boast having the best Happy Hour in all of Orange County. Why? Because we have a wide assortment of appetizers to choose from during our Happy Hour and they're all just $3.50 each, like the pictured garlic edamame. We also have shishito peppers, jalapeno poppers, baked mussels, chicken gyoza, chicken yakitori, beef tataki, squid karaage kushi, and ikanago karaage. To top it all off, we also have $2.50 sushi, $2.50 sake, and $10 Sapporo pitchers. That is easily the best deal in all of OC!

          $3.50 Appetizers During Happy Hour! Baked Mussels!

          Happy Hour All Day Tuesdays Mondays Appetizers Baked Mussels Orange County OC Sushi World

          Orange County's best happy hour is all day on Mondays and Tuesdays and from 2pm till 5pm all over days, including the weekends! Take advantage of all our specials, like our $3.5 appetizers. You can choose from baked mussels, garlic edamame, shishito peppers, beef kushiyaki, chicken yakitori, beef tataki, jalapeno poppers, chicken gyoza, ikanago karaage, and squid karaage kushi. That's a lot to choose from! But don't get filled up on that! We also have $2.50 sushi, $2.50 sake, and $10 Sapporo pitchers. They're all the makings of a perfect meal.

          Salmon Skin Salad Only $3.5 During Happy Hour All Day

          Salmon Skin Salad Sushi Appetizers Orange County Best Happy Hour OC Sushi World

          Yep, we're still doing it. Happy hour all day, every Monday and Tuesday. Not only can you get our $2.50 sushi, $3.5 appetizers, $2.50 sake, and $10 Sapporo pitchers, you can also get our salmon skin salad for only $3.5. We also have salmon skin hand rolls for $3. Smoked Albacore hand roll for $4. Spicy tuna rice cakes for $4. But that's not it. There's a bunch of other Happy Hour specials that we don't have the time to mention here. You'll just have to come in and find out what they are for yourselves.

          When We're Open, It's Happy Hours. Simple As That.

          Shishito Peppers Appetizers Orange County's Best Happy Hour OC Cypress Sushi World

          We've made our happy hour so simple to understand: if we're open, it's happy hours. When we're closed, it's unhappy hours. Get it? Don't come when we're closed. Otherwise you won't get to enjoy the $2.5 sushi, $3.5 appetizers, $2.5 sake, and $10 Sapporo pitchers. Pictured here is one of our favorite appetizers to share, shishito peppers. Only $3.5 during happy hours, which is when we're open. Okay, have we said it enough already? It shouldn't be very confusing.


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